Must-Haves for a FWB Relationship

I enjoy the FWB relationships, the freedom it brings me and its excitements and sexual pleasure. For a person who is not ready for a committed dating relationship, this free relationship can make them engaged in the single stuffs meanwhile have the sexual enjoyments. What makes people amazing is that many of us are taught that the only one goal of these sexual behaviors is a stable and long-term dating relationship. However, in such an open and inclusive society, this prospective can hinder the development of many newly sprouting relationships such as a NSA relationship. Regarding of this point, to keep you away from the drama and assist you to maintain a healthy and sexy NSA relationship, I will list several things you should keep in mind below.

1. Offer your friend enough respect

One of the wrong conceptions people usually bear in mind is that now that this FWB relationship is casual, they can treat this relationship even their friends casually. This is the predominant mistake people make most often. One of the foundations of this relationship is friendship, and the other is sexual attraction. In terms of the friendship, mutual respect is indispensable. And when something complicated is involved, respect plays a more important role for your relationship. Though you know that he won’t be the right person for you to spend the rest of your life, these rude words and contempt behaviors should be avoided. In a nutshell, keep in mind that respect is the key to all healthy social relationships.

2. Communications can solve many problems

One possible results of lacking communication is that one is imaging they are stepping towards a formal couple relationship while the other is still staying on the superficial layer that is sex. When they cannot reach a consensus, things will go to the hell and this relationship will torture them. You know what. These situations can be avoided by enough communications. Though this is a NSA relationship and not too many of your lives and feelings should be shared with the other person, you should keep communicating with him about things related to this relationship such as what you want from this relationship and you plan for your relationships. Based on that, both of you can know if you are on the same page and when things start to get wrong, you can find ways to fix it or give up it at the proper time to decrease the damage.

3. Sex attraction prior to friendship

Generally speaking, people tend to find their hook finders among their friends. Because of that, they can feel safe and comfortable. However, if none of your friends share the same ideal with you, finding someone you are fascinated by surrounding you and then establishing the friendship is also an alternative. According to the survey, we find out that something vague and special will appear between you. And after having sex, their friendship will be more solid. Thus, if you have no choice among your friends, you can try this method.