How Does a FWB Relationship Usually End?

In today's society, it has become a very common thing to have FWB relationship. Through the FWB relationship, you can vent your emotions and satisfy your desires. At the same time, you don't have to be ethically constrained, because you don't have to be responsible for another person while having sex with your FWB. As a casual enumerator, if you and your FWB have got along well, you should make full use of the interest relationship and try something that can make both of you happy and satisfied. This view is very difficult for some old people or traditional people to accept, because in their view, sex and emotion are the same. In the past, a relationship was usually regarded as a serious and committed relationship.

But with the change of the times, people's life style has changed, people's ideas and ideas have also changed. At this time of rapid development and change, some old ideas will be abandoned. Of course, for those who don't support NSA relationships, they have their own views. Like other dating relationships, NSA has advantages and disadvantages, but for them, the disadvantages are far greater than the advantages. When you become a hookup finder and pursue NSA relationship, you may hear many warnings, that is, don't try such a dangerous relationship easily, because you are likely to get hurt.

Although you have made rules from the beginning, for example, this relationship is only about sex, and there should be no emotional entanglement. But when you do something physically close to another person, it's hard to control your feelings and emotions. Whether you can enjoy a relationship depends not only on your physical enjoyment, but also on your psychological enjoyment. And psychological enjoyment is often determined by whether you really love or are interested in the person. In other words, people tend to elevate a casual relationship to another level. Even if you can't move in this direction, it will have a negative impact on your friendship.

After people's research, science finally gives the answer about how a FWB relationship ends. In one study, 191 people were asked to complete two online surveys, one year apart. Seventy percent of the participants were women, 74 percent were white, and 72 percent were heterosexual. Their average age is 30. Before the study, each participant knew their friends for an average of three years. In the first survey, people need to answer what they want from an FWB relationship, whether they have in-depth exchanges on rules, and whether they are satisfied with such a relationship. A year later, they were asked to find out how these NSA relationships had changed. The results show that 25% of the people are still FWB, 15% of the people bring their feelings to the romantic level, 28% of the people get rid of their interests and insist on being friends, 31% of the people cut off all connections. Yes. Only 15% want things to be romantic and successful. So it seems that it is more likely to keep your friendship at the end of FWB than to hope it will become a true love.